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Wedding Day Emergency Kit - 10+ Items You Need on Your Wedding Day

What should be in your wedding day emergency kit and why!

As a wedding photographer who sees everything on the wedding day, I have seen all kinds of wedding day emergencies. 

One memorable wedding day, the bride’s maid of honor ripped the zipper on her dress as she was putting it on. OH NO! Wedding day emergency. So, what happened? Someone grabbed a needle and thread and sewed the maid of honor in to her dress. 

Another instance, at a recent wedding, the mother of the bride hugger her daughter and smeared a little bit of her red lipstick on the bride’s dress. While the mom was initially horrified, there wasn’t anything to worry about. The planner whipped out a tide pen and with one quick swipe, make the red smudge completely disappear. 

This is just a couple of examples of why it's *crucial* to have a Wedding Day Emergency Kit.

A small makeup bag filled with "just in case" items can work in a pinch for most wedding day fixes—and end up saving the day! Got a hangover headache from the night before? Pop a pain reliever. Corner of your fake eyelashes falling off? Grab that tube of eyelash glue. Did you spill some red wine or bust a seam? Luckily you've packed tide pens and a sewing kit! From a knitting needle to deodorant, an wedding day emergency kit can be a real lifesaver on the big day.

Here's a list I'd recommend for your wedding day emergency kit:

Fashion Tape

Sewing kit


Safety pins


Tide Pen and Shout Wipes

Makeup wipes

Hair ties

Extra bobby pins

Tampons or pads

Pain reliever

Dental floss



Super glue 

Eyelash glue

Mole Skin for shoe blisters


Travel deodorant

Lint roller

An extra pair of contacts, if you wear them.

A healthy snack, in case you get hangry pre-ceremony.

Bottled water

Knitting needle for stubborn wedding dress buttons

Need a wedding day emergency packing list? Save this!

Wedding Emergency Kit Checklist

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