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A couple laying on top of a classic car in las vegas.
if you
A bride and groom dancing in a smoke filled room.
That weddings are all about 
(and not fuss)
That weddings are all about 
(and not fuss)
Lexington KY wedding photographers capture a couple's captivating dance amidst a haze of smoke.
In doing things
your way
not the normal way
A bride and groom sitting on a pink flamingo float.
A bride and groom sitting on a pink flamingo float.
and being
madly in love

Megan Sweeting

A Lexington Wedding Photography Revolution

I'm here to shake things up in wedding photography.
Your wedding day isn't just another chapter –
it deserves to be a bestseller, and I deliver.
A stunning sunset moment captured by Lexington KY wedding photographers, featuring a bride and groom on a track.

Custom Snaps

In the realm of Lexington KY wedding photographers, I'm your go-to for capturing every spark and spontaneous moment. Whether it's an casual engagement shoot or your entire wedding day, I tailor my lens to your unique vibe. Dreaming of a small, intimate ceremony? Let's chat about my custom micro wedding packages – crafted just for Lexington lovebirds.




As a leader among Lexington KY wedding photographers, I embody boldness, fun, and authenticity. My approach? It's all about real storytelling. No repeats, no staging, just pure, unadulterated joy and love, reflecting on your day in its truest form.

Standing Out

Among Lexington KY wedding photographers, I bring something extra to the table – a guarantee of at least one breathtaking, Instagram-gold photo for every couple. On the dance floor, I'm not a bystander; I'm in the mix, capturing your unforgettable moves with a flair unique to Lexington KY wedding photographers.
A bride and groom kissing in a pool with sparklers.

Accolades That Speak Volumes

In the competitive world of Lexington KY wedding photographers, my work stands out. But don't just take my word for it. I've been featured on TLC's Four Weddings, bagged international awards at WPPI, and appeared in Kentucky Bride Magazine, Southern Bride Magazine, and Tops in Lex. It's not about bragging; it's about passion. And in Lexington, KY, my passion for wedding photography knows no bounds!
A group of people in a pool at night.

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An indian bride and groom with henna on their hands.

Breaking the Mold

Ready to ditch cliché wedding pics? With me, it's all about capturing your spirit in shots that scream bold, fun, and utterly you. Forget ordinary – I'm here to make extraordinary.
I believe in
  • Loving yourself
  • Tattoos as therapy
  • Human Rights
  • Having new expereinces
  • Friends as family
  • Karoke in the car
  • Authentic moments
A woman holding a cotton candy at an amusement park.Find out more about Megan
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