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I'm Megan

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Even when I'm photographing a reception! I live in Central Kentucky with my best friend and daughter, Marley (She's literally my mini-me). Together we take on the world experiencing new places, playing video games (I'm really bad at them tho) and laughing all the time. We also have a sweet wigglebutt dog named Bokeh; a prickly, grumpy hedgehog named Strawberry; a little bunny named Hazel; and a gecko named Mochi. Being cold-blooded, Mochi doesn't do a lot. I call her my glorified room decoration. My family (both human and critter) means the world to me.
I’m a emo kid who grew up- tattoos, vans and goth rock are life, but will also belt out some show tunes. I love artistic cinema, but I'm definelty not a film snob- I could quote the entire Princess Bride script by memory. Music makes my world go round – I listen to all genres but Fleetwood Mac's Rumours is the best album of all time. I recently learned cross-stitch and have spent my free time making snarky pieces. I also devour good TV. HOTD! Last of Us! The Boys! There’s just so much good TV out there. Bridgerton is my guilty pleasure. I could spend all day watching the best television has to offer. Except that would mean missing out on some of my favorite podcasts like That Was Pretty Scary. But I don't. Because I have weddings to photograph and I FREAKING LOVE WEDDINGS!!!

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• 2022 Fearless Photographer Awards Honorary Mention
• 2021 Honor of Excellence Silver Distinction Award (WPPI) x 2
• Two Mann U- Grad Class of 2021
• 2018 Spotlight Award (TheWeddingSchool.net)
• 2020 16th Place (Shoot & Share Photo Contest)
• 2020 Finalist (Shoot & Share Photo Contest) x 2
• 2020 Top 100 (Shoot & Share Photo Contest)
• 2020 Top 20% (Shoot & Share Photo Contest) x5
• 2020 Top 30% (Shoot & Share Photo Contest) x6


• As Seen on TLC Four Weddings
• Featured in Kentucky Bride Magazine
• Featured in Bridal Bliss Magazine
• Featured in Southern Bride Magazine
• Featured in Tops in Lex Magazine
• Featured in Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine
• Featured on FearlessPhotographers.com
• Featured on GayWeddings.com
• Featured on TheKnot.com
• Featured on WeddingWire.com
• Featured on Ruffled Blog
Meet the
Assistant Photographer
 my right hand 
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Here's Kristen
Kristen has photographed with me since 2017 and together we travel the world as the ultimate crime fighting photo taking duo. Kristen loves art even more than me and spends as much time as she can learning and improving (not as easy to do since she has two littles at home).

She’s creative, brilliant with kids and gets exceptionally giddy about beautiful venues. Oh and she tolerates my obsession with In and Out when we travel and lets me know when my skirt’s tucked into my Spanx which makes her my hero, pretty much!

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