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Most likely to be on the center of the dance floor

Even when I'm photographing a reception! I live in Central Kentucky with my best friend and daughter, Marley (She's literally my mini-me). Together we take on the world experiencing new places, playing video games (I'm really bad at them tho) and laughing all the time. We also have a sweet wigglebutt dog named Bokeh. A prickly, grumpy hedgehog named Strawberry. A little bunny named Hazel. And a gecko named Mochi. Being cold-blooded, Mochi doesn't do a lot. I call her my glorified room decoration. My family (both human and critter) means the world to me.

I’m a emo kid who grew up- tattoos, vans and goth rock are life. I love artistic cinema, but I'm definelty not a film snob- I could quote the entire Princess Bride script by memory. Music makes my world go round – I listen to all genres but Fleetwood Mac's Rumours is the best album of all time. I spend far too much time engrossed in tiktok if I’m totally honest but, come on… who doesn't? I also devour good TV. HOTD! Yellowjackets! Last of Us! The Boys! There’s just so much good TV out there. I could spend all day watching the best television has to offer. Except that would mean missing out on some of my favorite podcats like Last Podcast on the Left. But I don't. Because I have weddings to photograph and I FREAKING LOVE WEDDINGS!!!

Just so you know,
sometimes I get a little bit


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I don't ever repeat, stage or fake


Real moments for authentic people

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• 2022 Fearless Photographer Awards Honorary Mention
• 2021 Honor of Excellence Silver Distinction Award (WPPI) x 2
• Two Mann U- Grad Class of 2021
• 2018 Spotlight Award (
• 2020 16th Place (Shoot & Share Photo Contest)
• 2020 Finalist (Shoot & Share Photo Contest) x 2
• 2020 Top 100 (Shoot & Share Photo Contest)
• 2020 Top 20% (Shoot & Share Photo Contest) x5
• 2020 Top 30% (Shoot & Share Photo Contest) x6


• As Seen on TLC Four Weddings
• Featured in Kentucky Bride Magazine
• Featured in Bridal Bliss Magazine
• Featured in Southern Bride Magazine
• Featured in Tops in Lex Magazine
• Featured in Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine
• Featured on
• Featured on
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• Featured on Ruffled Blog

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