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Kyle and Emily's Authentic Frankfort KY Engagement Photos Session


So guess what? I had a blast capturing some stunning Frankfort KY engagement photos with Kyle and Emily. Seriously, these two are amazing! We hit up some of the coolest spots around Frankfort, shared a ton of laughs, and captured some genuinely epic moments. Emily's got this thing for architecture (which, by the way, is super cool), and Kyle? Well, he popped the question at Liberty Hall, so you know that place holds a special spot in their hearts. Check out their day. It's filled with all the fun, love, and authentic vibes you'd expect from a pair as awesome as them!

The Frankfort Ky Engagement Photos Session Experience:

The Back Story:

You know, every couple has their "thing", that special connection or shared interest that just makes them, well, them. Kyle and Emily mix history and design. Let me spill the beans.

Kyle, being the thoughtful guy he is, chose Liberty Hall for the big proposal. And no, it wasn't just because it's one of Frankfort's iconic spots. It's where he wanted to kick off their next big adventure together. Pretty rad, right?

Emily has a wicked eye for architecture. I mean, it's not every day you meet someone who gets genuinely excited about buildings' look and feel. During our session, she was all about shapes and leading lines. It was like watching an artist find the right angle for her masterpiece. And let me tell you, it made for some seriously epic shots!

The Locations:

Okay, let's talk about spots. Frankfort's got some killer spots, and we hit up a few with Kyle and Emily. Each spot we visited was just right for those iconic Frankfort KY engagement photos.

  • Fancy Gate at the Horse Farm: First up, we passed this super fancy gate at a horse farm. You know, the kind that screams "Kentucky" with its grandeur? We were just doing our thing, snapping away, when I noticed the guard in the gatehouse giving us the side-eye. For a sec, I thought we might get the boot, but he was just curious about what we were up to. Maybe he's a secret photographer?
  • Field with Curvy Fence: Next, we stumbled upon this field with this wicked curvy fence. The way it twisted and turned gave us some killer leading lines, and there was this stunning tree in the background that just popped. Nature's own photo studio, and the pictures were amazing. Absolute fire!
  • Liberty Hall: And of course, we had to circle back to Liberty Hall. Not just because of its significance to our couple but man, that place is a visual treat! The history, the architecture (Emily was in her element), and just the overall vibe made it the right backdrop to wrap up our session.

The Photography Style:

Alright, let's chat about the magic behind the lens. When snapping pics, I'm all about "Fun, Bold & Authentic." What does that mean? Well, let me break it down.

  • Fun: Weddings, engagements, heck, any celebration is a party, right? So why are photos different? I'm all about spontaneous dance moves, goofy smiles, and "I can't believe we just did that" moments. It's about capturing joy and happiness.
  • Bold: Ever seen those photos where everything's super posed and kinda...stiff? Yeah, that's not my jam. I'm all about those standout shots that make you say, "Woah!" Think vibrant colors, dynamic angles, and moments that just pop.
  • Authentic: Here's the deal - every couple is unique. That's why their photos should be as well. Instead of cookie-cutter shots, I focus on the real stuff. The candid moments, the genuine smiles, and the raw emotions. It's all about capturing the couple's essence, no filters or facades.

So, Kyle and Emily? It was a blast bringing this style to life. From the candid laughs at the horse farm gate to the genuine moments at Liberty Hall, it was all about celebrating their vibe in the most authentic way possible.

Outfit Choices & Recommendations:

So, let's talk about fashion. Kyle and Emily? They totally nail it. Here's the lowdown on their outfit choices and some tips if you're planning your own shoot.

What Kyle and Emily Rocked: Kyle opted for this classic look - a crisp shirt paired with well-fitted slacks. It was the right blend of casual and dapper. Emily, on the other hand, opted for this gorgeous summer dress that caught the breeze just right. And her color choice? Spot on! It complements the surroundings beautifully and adds vibrancy to the photos.

Outfit Tips for Your Shoot:

  • Comfort is Key: First and foremost, wear something you feel at ease in. If you're comfy, it'll show in the photos. Plus, you'll be more open to moving around and trying out fun poses.
  • Coordinate, Don't Match: Aim for outfits that work well together but aren't super matchy-matchy. Like, if one of you wears a bold color, the other can pick a neutral or shade that complements it.
  • Think About the Location: If you're hitting up a rustic spot, skip dressing up in fancy attire. On the other hand, if you're aiming for a chic urban backdrop, those dressy outfits could be a win.
  • Add a Pop of Color: Neutral tones are great, but consider adding a splash of color. Whether it's a vibrant accessory or a bold shirt, it can really make your photos stand out.

Remember, at the end of the day, it's all about showcasing your personality. So, whether you're a jeans-and-tee person or someone who loves to glam it up, be you!

FAQ Section:

  1. What is an engagement session?
    • Couples treat an engagement session as a pre-wedding photoshoot.
  2. Why should we have an engagement session before our wedding?
    • Think of it as a trial run. It's an awesome way to get to know your photographer (hey, that's me!), figure out your preferred angles, and just have a blast. Plus, you'll have some killer photos for save-the-dates or wedding decor.
  3. What are the right locations for an engagement session in Frankfort, KY?
    • If you're looking for the ideal spots for Frankfort KY engagement photos, here are some top recommendations: The Capital, Buffalo Trace Distillery, downtown, and Liberty Hall. But honestly, the right location is wherever feels special to you.
  4. How does Frankfort weather affect outdoor engagement sessions?
    • Rain or shine, we can make it work. If it pours, we can either reschedule or embrace the rain for some unique, fun shots. Always a silver lining, right?
  5. How long does an engagement session last?
    • A standard session is about 30 minutes, covering one location and outfit. But if you're up for an adventure, we can do a 90-minute session with multiple spots and outfit changes.
  6. What should we wear for our engagement photos in Frankfort?
    • Wear what makes you feel awesome! Neutrals are a safe bet, but don't shy away from color. Just make sure the outfits you and your partner wear go well together.
  7. Can we bring props or pets to our engagement session?
    • Absolutely! Bring along your furry friend or any props that tell your story. If you're taking a pet, maybe have a friend come along as a pet handler so you can get some shots without distractions.
  8. How many photos will we receive from our engagement session?
    • You'll get a digital gallery packed with all the best shots. Quality over quantity, always!
  9. When is the right time of year for an engagement session in Frankfort?
    • Frankfort looks gorgeous year-round, but golden hour glows from late spring to early fall.
  10. What's the right time of day for outdoor engagement photos?
    • Golden hour, hands down. That's after sunrise or before sunset. The light casts a soft, dreamy, and flattering glow.
  11. How far in advance should we book our engagement session?
    • Weekends fill up quickly, so try to book at least 6 months in advance, especially if you want a specific date.
  12. How long after the session will we receive our photos?
    • You can browse your digital gallery in 2 weeks.

Frankfort Ky Engagement Photos Session Conclusion:

Man, what a day capturing Frankfort KY engagement photos with Kyle and Emily! From sneaky shots at the horse farm gate to soaking in Liberty Hall history, every moment was a blast. It's sessions like these that remind me why I love what I do. It's not just about the photos; it's about the fun, the laughs, and the memories made along the way. And hey, if you're reading this and thinking about your own engagement or celebration, remember it's all about making it uniquely yours. So, whether it's in Frankfort or anywhere else that holds meaning, go out and celebrate your story in the boldest, most authentic way possible!

Feeling inspired? Ready to create your own memories? Let's chat! Whether you have a location in mind or need recommendations, I'm here to help. Slide into my DMs, email me, or call me. Let's make some magic together!

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