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Eric and Lauren's Epic Downtown Lexington Engagement Session at Bourbon on Rye


Let's dive into the magic of Eric and Lauren's engagement session at Bourbon on Rye in downtown Lexington, KY. This isn't just any bar—it's the bar where their spirits (and we're not just talking about bourbon) truly come alive. Imagine a place where every corner holds a memory, every drink sparks a story, and every song takes you back to a moment in time. That's Bourbon on Rye for our dynamic duo. Get ready to be inspired by one of Lexington's favorite hangout spots.

The Engagement Session at Bourbon on Rye:

Stepping into Bourbon on Rye is like entering a world where time stands still, and every moment is worth savoring. The ambiance? Think dark and moody, but with a twist. The large front window lets in stunning natural light, which creates a mesmerizing dance of shadows and highlights. And those chandeliers in the back? They're not just for light—they cast the right glow, making every photo pop!

Now, here's a fun tidbit: we didn't choose the ideal day for the shoot. Air quality outside? Not great. But guess what? It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. We were all beyond thankful to shoot indoors, especially during the engagement session at Bourbon on Rye. And talk about preparation—Eric and Lauren had everything sorted. The bar gave the couple special permission to photograph.

Eric & Lauren's Back Story:

Alright, let's rewind a bit and spill the beans on how Eric and Lauren's adventure began. Picture this: Lauren, a seasoned dating app user, swiping through countless profiles, and Eric, a total newbie to the app world. Fate (or maybe just a really effective algorithm) brought these two together, and their first rendezvous? None other than Bourbon & Rye. Yep, that's right! They began their first date at this iconic spot, setting the stage for their engagement session at Bourbon on Rye. This marked the beginning of an evening of bar hopping, laughter, and something truly special. It's no wonder Bourbon & Rye holds such a dear spot in their hearts—it's where their story began, after all!

The photography style:

Let's talk about visuals! Eric and Lauren's engagement session at Bourbon on Rye was visually stunning. Imagine a blend of cozy, intimate vibes with vintage charm. The bar's ambiance, with its moody and authentic setting, was beautifully complemented by flattering light. This created shots that are both intimate and uniquely related to the couple's story.

Now, about the technique: I didn't just ask Eric and Lauren to pose. Oh no, that's not how we roll! I set them up in loose poses, ensuring the light hits just right. But here's the secret sauce: I gave them prompts. These weren't just any prompts—they were designed to keep the couple relaxed, moving, and most importantly, genuine. The result? Candid shots capture real emotions, reactions, and fleeting moments that make a photograph special. Given the bar's compact space, the focus was all on Eric and Lauren—their connection, love, their story. Bourbon on Rye? It plays a key supporting role, adding depth and character to every frame.

Outfit Choices & Recommendations:

Let's chat about fashion! Eric rocked a laid-back yet stylish look with a comfy button-down shirt paired with sharp jeans. Lauren, on the other hand, brought elegance with her flowing, long, simple dress. Their outfits not only made them look absolutely stunning but also perfectly complemented the vintage and intimate vibes of their engagement session at Bourbon on Rye.

Thinking of taking engagement photos in a similar setting? Here are some pro tips.

  • Comfort is key: You should wear something that reflects your personal style and feels comfortable.
  • Complementary, not matching: Instead of matching colors, opt for complementary colors. It adds depth and dimension to photos.
  • Mix It Up: Don't shy away from patterns. It can add character and make your photos pop!

FAQ Section: Engagement Session in Lexington, KY

  1. What are the ideal locations for an engagement session in Lexington, KY?
    • Lexington boasts a variety of picturesque locations suitable for engagement sessions. From the historic charm of downtown to the serene landscapes of the countryside, there's a backdrop for every couple's style. Popular spots include Keeneland Racecourse, the University of Kentucky Arboretum, and, of course, unique venues like Bourbon on Rye.
  2. How long does a typical engagement photo session last in Lexington?
    • With me, engagement sessions typically last 30 or 90 minutes, depending on the package you choose and the variety of shots you're looking for.
  3. What's the right time of year for outdoor engagement photos in Lexington?
    • Lexington offers beautiful scenery year-round, but many couples prefer the spring and fall seasons when the weather is mild, and the foliage is vibrant. However, each season has its charm, from blooming flowers in spring to colorful leaves in fall and snow-covered landscapes in winter.
  4. What should I wear for my engagement photos in Lexington?
    • You should wear something that reflects your personal style and feels comfortable. Consider outfits that complement each other in color and style. For a location like Bourbon on Rye, a blend of casual and elegant works well. Think flowing dresses, button-down shirts, and jeans. Don't forget to accessorize to add personality!
  5. Can I include pets in my Lexington engagement session?
    • Absolutely! Pets, being part of the family, add fun and personal touch to your photos. However, I suggest bringing a friend along as a pet handler to assist during the shoot. And check the location's rules. Some spots, like bars, don't allow pets.
  6. How soon should I book my engagement session before the wedding?
    • I recommend booking your engagement session at least 6 months before your wedding. This gives you ample time to use the photos for save-the-dates and other pre-wedding materials.
  7. Are there any unique or unconventional engagement session ideas in Lexington?
    • Yes, there are countless unique ideas for engagement sessions in Lexington. Whether you're looking for a theme, a specific location, or a particular activity, I have plenty of suggestions. Please reach out, and we can brainstorm together!


What a ride diving into Eric and Lauren's engagement session at Bourbon on Rye was! From the first swipe on a dating app to the intimate moments captured in a bar filled with memories, their journey is a testament to the magic that unfolds when two souls connect. They didn't choose Bourbon on Rye just for its aesthetics; they chose it because it brimmed with personal significance, the place where their love story began. And that's the beauty of engagement photos—they're not just pictures; they're memories etched in time, made all the more special when taken in a place close to the heart.

Feeling inspired? Ready to capture your own love story in a setting that means the world to you? Whether it's a bustling city street, a quiet countryside, or your favorite local hangout, let's make it happen! Reach out, and let's plan your unique engagement session. Got questions? I'm here to answer them. Let's create memories together!

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