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Dalton & Katie: A Captivating Engagement Session in Harrodsburg, KY


Welcome to a world where photography meets fun, authenticity, and creativity. As a wedding photographer, I've always believed in capturing more than just pretty pictures. I strive to capture my clients' unique personalities, laughter, their love, and their stories. This engagement session in Harrodsburg, KY, perfectly embodies this philosophy.

Meet Dalton and Katie, a couple whose love story began in high school and has blossomed since. As they prepare to tie the knot overseas next year, they decided to commemorate their journey with an engagement session. Their laughter, especially Katie's infectious joy, filled the air, creating a lively and fun atmosphere that translated beautifully into their photos.

With its stunning scenery and breathtaking sunsets, Shaker Village in Harrodsburg, KY is one of my favorite locations.This April spring engagement session was made even more memorable by the beauty of Shaker Village and gorgeous light.

As a photographer, my goal is to create an environment where couples can relax, be themselves, and have fun. Through prompts like dancing and sharing silly jokes, I encourage genuine interactions that lead to authentic moments. Those moments that become treasured memories when they're captured.

Take a look at this captivating engagement session filled with laughter, love, and the magic of Harrodsburg.

Shaker Village Charm

Shaker Village, with its rustic charm and scenic beauty, is more than just a location - it's a canvas that allows couples to paint their love story. As a photographer, I have a few favorite spots within the village that have become my go-to for capturing those fun, authentic moments.

One such spot is a quaint open field at the back of the property. Surrounded by towering trees and a rock fence, it sits high atop a hill, allowing golden sunlight to stream through the leaves. This spot provides a serene and intimate setting, just right for couples to relax and be themselves.

Another favorite is the tranquil pond. As the sun dips low, the vibrant hues of the sunset reflect off the water, creating a breathtaking backdrop for photographs. It's in these moments, with nature's own light show playing out, that some truly magical shots are captured.

Shaker Village's simplicity and natural beauty contribute to the authentic vibe I aim for in my photos. The neutral backgrounds and beautiful light allow me to focus on the couple, capturing their genuine interactions without distractions.

Of course, like any popular location, Shaker Village can sometimes be crowded, especially during events. But that's never been a deterrent. I prefer to venture away from the main areas, finding quiet spots where couples can enjoy their session in privacy.

For couples considering Shaker Village for their engagement session, I have a couple of tips. Schedule your session close to sunset to benefit from the best light. And if you can, take a fun trip to explore the property before your shoot. You might just discover your own hidden gem in this charming village.

The Engagement Session in Harrodsburg Ky Experience

An engagement session is more than just a photoshoot - it's a celebration of love, a dance of emotions, and a canvas for authentic moments. My approach is simple yet effective: create a fun environment where couples can relax, be themselves, and let their personalities shine through.

I start by suggesting a pose, a simple placement of hands and bodies that encourages closeness. Then, I introduce a prompt - it could be something playful like "Use your nose rubbing on her face to seduce her," or something heartfelt like "Take turns telling each other why you love them." These prompts serve as a catalyst, sparking genuine interactions and reactions that often lead to the most memorable photographs.

Of course, not everything is picture-perfect. There can be instances of awkwardness or uncertainty, especially when the camera is pointed your way. In such moments, I encourage couples to shake it out, to let go of any inhibitions. If that doesn't work, I shift the focus to prompts that keep their minds engaged or their bodies moving. The goal is to make them forget about the camera and enjoy the moment.

Dalton and Katie's engagement session was a testament to this approach. Their laughter echoed through Shaker Village, their smiles radiated warmth, and their love was palpable. Katie, with her infectious giggle, and Dalton, with his adoring glances, were fun to photograph. Their session was filled with fun, silliness, and love.

What I love about this approach is the freedom it gives couples. The prompts are open-ended, allowing each couple to interpret and respond in a way that reflects their unique bond. It's not about fitting them into a box; it's about giving them the space to be themselves. And it's in these authentic moments that the magic truly happens.

engagement session in Harrodsburg ky shaker village
engagement session in Harrodsburg ky
engagement session in Harrodsburg ky

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should we wear to our engagement session? When choosing outfits for your engagement session, comfort and confidence are key. I recommend neutral colors and avoiding conflicting patterns. Layers work well in colder weather. Consider bringing one or two outfits, perhaps something dressy and something casual. Ultimately, the most importantthing is that you feel comfortable and attractive, as this confidence will shine through in your photos.
  • Can we bring props to our engagement session? Absolutely! Props, pets, even other people - feel free to bring anything that represents you as a couple. We'll try to incorporate these elements into your session. It never hurts to try, and it often adds a personal touch to your photos.
  • How long after the session will we receive our photos? You can expect your photos two weeks after your session. I understand the excitement of seeing your photos and make it a priority to deliver them as soon as possible.
  • Can we have our engagement session at multiple locations? Yes, you can! I offer two types of session: a 30-minute session at one location with one outfit for $175, and a 90-minute session at multiple locations with various outfits for $375. This gives you the flexibility to choose a session that ideally fits your needs and desires.


Photographing this engagement session in Harrodsburg, KY, was delightful. From the serene fields and tranquil pond of Shaker Village to the infectious laughter and genuine love of Dalton and Katie, every moment was a testament to the magic of authentic, fun, and creative photography.

As a photographer, my goal is to capture more than just pretty pictures. I strive to capture my clients' unique personalities,laughter, their love, and their stories. This session was an excellent example of that philosophy in action.

If you're engaged and considering a photoshoot, remember that it's more than just a session. It's an opportunity to celebrate your love, create memories, and have fun. Whether you want to bring props, include your pet, or choose multiple locations, I'm here to make your session as unique as your love story.

So, are you ready to paint your love story on Harrodsburg, KY? Contact me today to book your engagement session. Let's create beautiful memories together.

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