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Buffalo Trace Wedding


Buffalo Trace is beautiful in the summer!

Ken and Elizabeth ceremony was at Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort. Their reception was in the clubhouse on the same property.

The gardens at this venue are the perfect spot to take amazing portraits of the bride and groom and the big tree was a good choice for backdrop for the wedding ceremony.

My favorite moment at this Buffalo Trace Wedding:

The groom needed his neck trimmed up, so the best man pulled out the clippers and made it happen.

It's easy to only photograph the normal stuff when the bride and groom are getting ready early in the day. But I like to photograph everything, even the behind the scenes moments.

Photographer Fun Fact:

One of the images of the couple in the garden is actually 90 images stitched together. It's called a pano and works for creating a unique depth and quality to a landscape style portrait.

I like to give couples unique wedding photographs of them together so they have something special when the day is said and done. Sometimes I do things that make no sense to the couple in the moment, but end up being amazing once I have edited the photograph. This couple had to stand in a pose while I snapped 100+ close up images of the scene. The result- something special just for them!

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