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The Challenge of Twins Cake Smash Photos in Lexington, Ky

March 1, 2023

I have taken John and Mikey's engagement photos, their wedding photos, Mikey's maternity photos - and now the one year cake smash of their twins, Ellie James & Ozzy. As anyone who has offered family photos knows, photographing one year old's are never easy, but times that by two and it becomes a whole event! In the end I just snapped as much as I could, we took breaks as much as they twins needed, and in the end everything worked out great for these twins cake smash photos. Also they got their cake from Martine's Pastries, so we know it was good. In fact, Mikey made sure to save what she could of the cake to eat later.

My Favorite Moment at the Twins Cake Smash Photos shoot: 

When during their cake smash moment, Ozzy pushed the cake away from himself and started crying, so Ellie James grabbed the cake with both hands, pulled it towards herself and went for a bite head first.

I loved photographing the twins and seeing how different their personalities are. I am excited to watch them grow up and see how they personalities differ or stay the same as they get bigger.

Photographer Fun Fact: 

These photos were taken in a park near the family's house in a 8x8 space.  

You don't have to stress about locations when planning your family photos. I have it covered. Especially when dealing with young children, it's easy to keep it close to home and in a smaller space.

I can offer tons of suggestions about locations when it comes time to plan your family photos. As long as I have about an 8x8 space, I can work a lot of magic!

Want to hire me to photograph your twins cake smash? Contact me now!

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