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Should You have a First Look? 5 Reasons Why it Can Help on Your Wedding Day

A First Look is the part of the wedding day where the couple see each other for the first time before the ceremony. In recent years, this practice has become increasingly popular, and for good reason. It has many benefits, and not just to make your timeline go smoother. 

Here are five reasons why this little moment is a great choice for your wedding day.

A first look at a buffalo trace wedding

A First Look Reduces Stress and Nervousness:

The First Look can help reduce wedding day stress and nervousness for both the couple. Seeing each other before the ceremony can help alleviate some of the anticipation and nervousness that can come with walking down the aisle and seeing each other for the first time in front of all your guests. You also have the ability to talk and check each other out, without the time pressure of trying to catch up in the middle of the ceremony. 

A First Look is an Intimate Moment:

A wedding photography at Talon Winery

A First Look allows the couple to share a private, intimate moment together before the busyness of the day begins. This is a private moment that the couple can cherish, where you can be alone to freely express how you're feeling and what you want to remember about the day. Once the ceremony begins and the day gets more hectic, you won’t have much time to just have a quite moment together. The first look is the perfect time to do that. 

More Time for Photos:

Doing a First Look means that the couple can take the majority of their wedding photos before the ceremony, freeing up time to spend with family and friends after the ceremony and during the reception. It also allows more flexibility in case the weather gets ugly after the ceremony.

Better Light for Photos:

A first look at Castle and Key wedding

As the photographer, I prefer to take photos earlier in the day when the lighting is better. A First Look allows the couple to take advantage of this and ensures that they have beautiful, well-lit photos. Also, when having a winter wedding, the sun sets so early  you might not have time to do any outside portraits together in the evening light. 

Less wait time for Reception

Doing a First Look means that the receptions can start quicker, without waiting for the bride and groom to finish their photos. This can also give the couple time to enjoy their cocktail hour as a time to mingle and catch up with their guests. 

In conclusion, a First Look is a great choice for a wedding day for many reasons. It allows the couple to have a private, intimate moment together, reduces stress and nervousness, allows for better photo opportunities, and can even make the all day run more smoothly. If you're considering one for your wedding day, I highly recommend it!

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