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This Delightful Signature Club Wedding is 1 of My Favs


This might be my favorite wedding ever. While nothing seems to be special on the surface, the little details of the day made it memorable. After photographing 200+ weddings I don't get emotional very much, if at all, anymore. However, I couldn't help getting a little teary-eyed with this amazing couple at The Signature Club.

My Favorite Moment at this Signature Club Wedding:

Savon's reaction to Kiearra walking down the aisle.

The groom's tears streaming down his face, as his best man put his hand on Savon's shoulder for support, was everything. It was so sweet as Kiearra walked down the aisle. This was the moment I cried during the ceremony.

Photographer Fun Fact:

The ceremony sitting layout at the Signature Club was pretty tight. Because of this, me and my assistant weren't able to move around a lot during the ceremony.

We strategized beforehand, and I decided to stay on the right and towards the front, and my assistant stayed on the left and towards the back. I didn't want to move around a lot and draw attention to myself. I never want to distract from the wedding. So, by splitting the area into fours, and tackling the spots separately, we were able to cover everything important without moving across the aisle.

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