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Outdoor Wedding Photographer in Lexington, KY

Why Choose an Outdoor Wedding Photographer?

outdoor wedding photographer in lexington ky

Picture this: you and your partner, standing in the golden Kentucky sunlight, with a photographer who knows how to capture that magic. Sounds dreamy, right? That's the magic of outdoor weddings - they're full of unique opportunities and emotions that only an outdoor wedding photographer in Lexington can truly capture.

But why should you hire a Lexington photographer who knows outdoor wedding?

Outdoor wedding photographers are like your adventurous friend who's always up for a hike - they love the outdoors, and they know how to make the most of it. They're not just photographers; they're sunshine-chasers, rain-dodgers, and sometimes, impromptu weather forecasters. They know how to capture the love in your eyes under the soft sunlight, the joyous laughter under the clear blue sky, and the romantic first dance under the starry night.

So, if you're all about capturing authentic moments, embracing nature's beauty, and having fun along the way, an outdoor wedding photographer like me is what you need!

Outdoor wedding photography is not always a walk in the park.

Think about it: the sun might play hide and seek, the wind could get too excited, and let's not even get started on those surprise rain showers.

These aren't challenges; they're opportunities for epic photos!

You see, as an outdoor wedding photographer in Lexington, I'm an explorer. I'm always ready to adapt, improvise, and make the most of whatever Mother Nature throws my way. Too sunny? Hello, gorgeous backlit photos! A bit windy? Get ready for some stunning veil shots! And rain? Well, who doesn't love a romantic kiss under the umbrella?

So, when navigating the challenges of outdoor wedding photography, remember this: it's all part of the adventure and adapt to mother nature. 

Best Locations for Outdoor Weddings in Kentucky

Kentucky is a treasure trove of stunning outdoor wedding spots. From the rolling hills to the serene lakes, there's just the right backdrop for every love story.

With so many options, how do you choose?

First, think about what makes you love. Are you drawn to lakeside beauty? Or maybe the rustic charm of a barn nestled in the hills? Or perhaps you're all about historic mansion grandeur? Whatever your style, there's a Kentucky location that's just right for you.

And here's the best part: no matter where you choose, you're guaranteed a stunning backdrop for your photos. Imagine saying "I do's" with the sun setting over the lake, or sharing your first dance under the twinkling stars in the open fields.

Top Outdoor Wedding Venues in Lexington and the Surrounding Areas

  1. The Kentucky Castle: Ever dreamed of a fairytale wedding? Your dreams can come true at The Kentucky Castle! With its stunning architecture and affluent gardens, it's the most romantic spot for a royal wedding.
  2. Talon Winery & Vineyards: If you're a wine lover, this is the venue for you. Say your vows amidst lush vineyards, and celebrate with a glass of their finest wine.
  3. Ashford Acres Inn: This historic venue offers elegance and charm. With its picturesque gardens and stunning views, it's a picture-perfect spot for an outdoor wedding.
  4. The Polo Barn at Saxony Farm: Love the rustic charm? The Polo Barn offers an idyllic countryside setting perfect for a relaxed, yet chic wedding.
  5. The Thoroughbred Center: For horse lovers, this venue offers a unique backdrop of thoroughbred racehorses and lush pastures.
  6. Moonlight Fields Wedding Farm: This family-owned venue offers a picturesque barn and stunning outdoor setting. It's an idyllic spot for a romantic country wedding.
  7. The Round Barn Stable of Memories: This historic round barn offers an enchanting and charming setting for your wedding. Plus, it's right in downtown Lexington!

Remember, the right venue for you is the one that feels right. So take your time, visit a few spots, and trust your gut.

How to Prepare for Your Outdoor Wedding Photoshoot

Here are some top tips to prepare for your outdoor wedding photoshoot.

Best Time for Photos? Golden Hour, Baby!

That's right, the prime time for outdoor wedding photos is during golden hour - that magical time an hour before sunset when the light is soft, warm, and oh-so-flattering. So, let's time those couple shots perfectly.

Equipment? I've Got It Covered!

You might be wondering, "What kind of equipment do you use for outdoor wedding photography?" Well, I come armed with top-notch cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment to capture your day in all its glory. And yes, we've got backups, because you can never be too prepared!

Looking Your Best? You Bet!

Now, we know you'll look fabulous no matter what, but here's a handy tip: dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather. So think about the temperature and humidity before you buy that dress. Trust me, you'll look and feel your finest when you're comfortable. And don't forget those touch-ups for that picture-perfect look!

Comfort During the Wedding? Absolutely!

We're all about capturing authentic moments, and that's easy when you're comfortable and relaxed. So, we'll take breaks, stay hydrated, and have plenty of fun during the day.

Handling Outdoor Weather Situations

Now, the elephant in the room - the weather. We know Mother Nature can be unpredictable, but that's part of the adventure.

Changing Weather? No Problem!

So, the weather forecast shows a chance of rain on your big day. Rain can make some seriously romantic photos! Think cozy cuddles under a shared umbrella, raindrops glistening on flowers, and that magical post-rain glow. And if it gets too wild, I always have a Plan B up my sleeve!

Different Seasons? Bring It On!

Whether you're planning a summer soiree, a fall fete, a winter wonderland, or a spring celebration, I've got you covered. I've shot weddings in all seasons and know how to make the most of each one. So, whether it's capturing fall's vibrant colors or the serene beauty of a snow-covered landscape, I'm ready for it!

Remember, folks, the weather is just one part of your wedding day in Lexington. So, no matter what the forecast says, your day will be beautiful because it's a celebration of your love.

Tips for Outdoor Wedding Guests

Here are some tips to enjoy an outdoor wedding and make great memories.

Dress for the Weather

Remember, this is an outdoor gathering, so keep an eye on the weather forecast. A sunny day might call for a hat and sunscreen, while a cooler day might require a stylish shawl or jacket. Summer is bug-filled, so bug spray is necessary. .And hey, flat shoes wouldn't hurt in those grassy venues!

Respect Mother Nature

We're lucky to celebrate in the gorgeous outdoors, so let's keep it beautiful. Try to stay on paths, don't pick flowers, and remember to dispose of trash properly. Let's leave the place as gorgeous as we found it!

Get Ready for Fun!

Outdoor weddings in Lexington often come with extra fun. We're talking lawn games, bonfires, and maybe even fireworks. So, get ready to let your hair down and enjoy the festivities!

Remember, an outdoor wedding is a chance to connect with nature, celebrate love, and have fun. Embrace the adventure, enjoy the moment, and let's make some unforgettable memories!

Capture Your Special Moments

Natural Beauty? I've Got an Eye for That!

One of the coolest parts about outdoor weddings is the natural beauty all around, and I'm all about capturing that in your photos. From the way the sunlight filters through the trees to the way the lake shimmers in the background, I'll make sure your photos reflect the beauty of your wedding day.

Candid Moments? I’m On It!

I believe that some of the happiest photos are the ones you didn't even know were taken. That stolen kiss, that spontaneous dance move, that burst of laughter - those are the moments that truly capture the joy of your day. And I'm always looking for candid moments!

So, whether it's the exchange of vows, the first dance, or the laughter-filled toasts, I'll be there to capture every moment in stunning detail. Because at the end of the day, these photos will be your keepsakes, reminders of the love, joy, and celebration that filled your wedding day.


As you embark on this exciting journey of planning your outdoor wedding, remember this: it's all about celebrating your love, your way.

Choosing the right Lexington outdoor wedding photographer is a big part of that. It's about finding someone who gets your vision, who's ready to brave the elements with you. This person can capture the joy, the love, and the small moments that make your day uniquely yours.

That's what I'm all about! So, if you're ready to capture some epic memories, have a lot of fun, and maybe even make a new friend along the way, I'm just a call away!

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