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Mane on Main Weddings

Venue Location: 

201 E Main St #1500, Lexington, KY 40507

Why do you recommend it?

Mane on Main is not your average wedding venue. Nah, this place is a hidden gem, perfect for offbeat, alternative, and LGBTQ couples who want their big day to be a real celebration. Perched on the 15th floor, it offers breathtaking views of downtown Lexington, making it an unforgettable spot to say "I do."

Plus, the open, modern layout means you can truly let your creative side shine! Think of it as a blank canvas, just waiting for your unique style to take over. You want a dance floor that rivals Studio 54? Go for it! A quirky photo booth filled with funky props? Absolutely! The options are endless, and I'll be there to capture every lively moment.

About Mane of Main:

Mane on Main was once known as the Lafayette Club, a private social club dating back to the early 1900s. It was THE place for Lexington's high society to mingle, host parties, and attend fancy dinners. But don't worry, we're not talking stuffy and boring here; even back then, this place had a reputation for being pretty darn fabulous!

Fast forward to today, and the building has been reimagined as a stunning wedding and event venue. It's got that same classy vibe, but now it's open to everyone who wants a rockin' celebration. The 15th floor location adds a modern twist, offering those jaw-dropping views I mentioned earlier.

In a nutshell, Mane on Main has deep roots in Lexington's history, but it's evolved into a stunning space for today's fun-loving couples. So, if you're ready to add your love story to the mix, let's make it happen!

The Architecture of Mane on Main:

Mane on Main boasts a sleek and contemporary design that's just right for those who want their wedding to feel elegant and modern. It's got floor-to-ceiling windows that provide stunning panoramic views of downtown Lexington but also flood the space with natural light. Trust me, this makes for some seriously gorgeous photos!

Inside, you'll find an open floor plan that's super versatile, allowing you to customize the space to fit your unique vision. The neutral color palette and clean lines create an airy atmosphere, suitable for creativity. Plus, the exposed ductwork and industrial elements add just the right amount of edginess to the overall aesthetic.

So, to sum it up, Mane on Main is like that perfect little black dress: timeless, stylish, and ready for a night of dancing! If this sounds like the backdrop you've been dreaming of for your big day, let's chat! I'm all about snapping unforgettable photos that showcase your love story in this beautiful space.

Getting Married at Mane of Main:

Here are a few highlights of getting married at Mane on Main. You'll be ready to book this place faster than you can say "I do!"

Breathtaking views: With floor-to-ceiling windows and a 15th-floor location, Mane on Main offers unbeatable panoramic views of downtown Lexington. Your guests will be dazzled, and your photos will be stunning.

Customizable space: The open floor plan and neutral color palette make it easy to transform Mane on Main to match your wedding vibe. It's like a blank canvas, just waiting for your personal touch!

Central location: Nestled in downtown Lexington, Mane on Main is super convenient for you and your guests. Plus, with so many nearby attractions, it's a fantastic spot for a weekend-long celebration.

In-house catering: No need to stress about finding a separate caterer, as Mane on Main offers top-notch in-house catering. You'll have delicious food and drinks without hassle.

An unforgettable atmosphere: Combining history, modern architecture, and a fun-loving spirit, Mane on Main stands out from other wedding venues. It's suitable for offbeat, alternative, and LGBTQ couples who want their big day to be truly memorable.

So, are you ready to party at Mane on Main? I'm here to ensure your wedding photos capture all the fun, love, and laughter at this amazing venue. Let's create magic together! 

Getting Ready for your Mane on Main Wedding:

Getting ready for your big day is half the fun, and having a cozy spot to do it is essential. Lucky for you, there are some great hotels near Mane on Main in Lexington that'll have you and your wedding party looking and feeling fabulous. Here are some options to check out:

21c Museum Hotel: This boutique hotel is super stylish and doubles as a contemporary art museum. Talk about what an awesome spot to start your wedding day!

Hilton Lexington/Downtown: Located just a few blocks from Mane on Main, this hotel offers all the modern amenities you need for a comfortable stay. Plus, you'll be walking distance from your big celebration.

Hyatt Regency Lexington: Another downtown option, the Hyatt Regency is suitable for those who appreciate luxury. You'll be rested and ready for your big day, for sure.

The Campbell House: A historic and elegant option, The Campbell House is suitable for couples who want a more traditional and romantic setting to get ready in. It's just a short drive from Mane on Main.

Remember, I'll be there to capture all those special getting-ready moments, from laughter and excitement to the finishing touches. Just let me know where you'll be, and I'll be there with my camera in hand. I'll document your journey to the altar at Mane on Main!

Photo Locations Near Mane on Main:

As a wedding photographer, I'm always looking for fantastic photo spots, and Lexington has plenty to offer. Here are some picturesque locations near Mane on Main that'll make your wedding photos truly one-of-a-kind:

Triangle Park: Just a short walk from Mane on Main, this urban park is perfect for adding greenery to your photos. Fountains and sculptures make cool backdrops too!

The Lexington Opera House: If you're into historic architecture and ornate details, this gem is a must-visit. The grand exterior and stunning interior make for some seriously swoon-worthy shots.

Gratz Park: This charming historic district offers tree-lined streets, colorful houses, and a quaint atmosphere that'll give your photos a timeless feel.

Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate: For Southern charm, this beautiful estate boasts lush gardens, a stunning mansion, and plenty of picturesque nooks and crannies.

Lexington Distillery District: If you're looking for something more industrial and edgy, the Distillery District's rustic brick walls and urban vibe make for some seriously cool photos.

Don't worry, I've got your back when finding the right spots to capture your love story. Together, we'll make some photo magic around Lexington before heading to Mane on Main for your unforgettable celebration!

Photo Locations at Mane on Main:

Mane on Main itself is full of fabulous photo spots that'll make your wedding album truly stand out. Here's a taste of what this unique venue has to offer:

Panoramic windows: Those floor-to-ceiling windows I mentioned earlier? They're not just for the views! They also make a striking backdrop for your photos, with natural light pouring in to create that gorgeous, dreamy glow.

City skyline: Step outside onto the terrace or find a spot near the windows to capture the downtown Lexington skyline in the background. Trust me, it adds urban chic to your pictures!

Modern interior: With its sleek design, clean lines, and open layout, Mane on Main itself is an awesome setting for your wedding photos. We can get creative with angles and compositions to showcase both your love story and the venue's unique vibe.

Reception details: Don't forget about all those personal touches you've added to make the space your own! From table settings to quirky photo booths, I'll document every aspect of your wedding decor.

With so many fantastic photo spots at Mane on Main, you can trust that your wedding album will be as unique and fun as your big day itself. So let's get snapping and make some memories that'll last a lifetime!

In Conclusion:

So, are you ready to party it up at Mane on Main and create unforgettable memories? I sure am! As your go-to wedding photographer in Kentucky, I'm here to capture all the bold, fun, and authentic moments of your special day. From the getting-ready shenanigans to your last dance, I'll be there to capture every lively moment.

Don't wait – let's make your wedding dreams come true! Reach out to me today, and let's chat about how we can make your Mane on Main wedding an absolute blast. Trust me, we'll have a fantastic time together!

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