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Fasig-Tipton Wedding in Lexington Ky


There were so many dancing photos from this Fasig-Tipton wedding, it was hard to choose which ones to include!

Matt and Amelia were married in the sanctuary at Southland Christian Church and had their reception at Fasig-Tipton in Lexington, Kentucky.

Everybody was in great spirits all day! The bride, a professionally trained dancer, was a dream to photograph. And I don't think I have seen a more wild dance floor. By the end of the night everyone was drunk, sweaty and VERY happy.

My Favorite Moment at the Fasig-Tipton Wedding:

The best man was HYPE on the Fasig-Tipton dance floor non-stop!

During dance floor shots, I have want I call "photographer crushes" on certain people. This isn't a romantic crush, but rather a person I am having so much fun photographing because of their dance moves or facial expressions, I just can't stop photographing them. At this wedding, I had a couple "photographers crushes", including the best man.

Photographer Fun Fact:

I took roughly 50 frames before I got the perfect shot of the maid of honor being framed behind the stylist doing the bride's hair.

Sometimes I see a shot in my head, but the way I want it to look requires on outside things I can't control, like other people's movements or people's expressions. In that case, I have to just keep shooting and hope everything lines up. Then I can get the shot I want. For the shot of the maid of honor, I had to position myself in the spot I wanted. I kept shooting until I landed on what I wanted!

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