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Captivating Celeb Wedding Photos: 8 Dazzling Moments to Spark Your Imagination

March 19, 2023

Hey there, lovebirds! Are you ready for a feast for your eyes? We're about to take a throwback ride through some of the most jaw-dropping celeb wedding photos that'll make you swoon, laugh and maybe even shed a happy tear (or two!).

As you know, here at Bourbon and Brides, I'm all about capturing those fun and bold moments that make your special day truly unforgettable. And who better to inspire me than my favorite stars shining bright on their big day? So, buckle up and join me as I dive into a world of glamour, romance and a dash of drama (I'm looking at you, Hollywood) with these awe-inspiring celeb wedding photos! 📸✨🥂

Celeb Wedding Photos

Sophia Bush and Grant Hughes

Sophia Bush And Grant Hughes Celeb Wedding Photos

I love how this photograph, by Norman & Blake, highlights the joy on Sophia and Grant's faces, as well as the smiles of their wedding guests. And that unique wedding dress! 🤩 Might be the best dress in my celeb wedding photos collection.

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez

The vintage polaroid look, by Stefan Kohli, isn't my personal wedding photography style, but something about the joy on Ariana's face speaks to the authenticity of the moment, which I always try to capture in my own photography. She just looks so damn happy.

Ariana Grande Wedding Photos

DJ Tiësto and Annika Backes

Dj Tiësto Mirror Ceremony Celeb Wedding Photos

This photo, by Dennis Kwan Photography, might not be my favorite, but I had to include this because of that ceremony arch. I really hope making backdrops out of reflective material becomes a trend. Can you imagine a mirror arch reflecting some twinkling lights strung up in a ballroom?!

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker

I will admit, there is definitely a theme to my favorite celeb wedding photos, and that is SMILES! A wedding day is supposed to be a party and I want my clients to look happy. Kourtney's laugh combined with her beautiful veil moving makes this photos a top winner for me.

Wedding Celeb Photos Kourtney Kardashian

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

Joe Jonas And Sophia Turner Wedding Cake Celeb Photos

This is one cool couple and I just love the vibes in this celeb wedding photo. The nontraditional cake! The rose tinted glasses! Sophie's RBF that is amazing! Technically the photo isn't great, but it definitely makes me want to be this couple.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

I have no clue what is happening in this photo, but the fact that Chrissy and John shared this image with the world, says whatever it was was memorable enough for them to mark it as a keeper. Wedding photos don't have to be perfect, and sometimes the crazy or unique moments lead to some of your favorite photos from the day.

Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Wedding Photos

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka

Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka Wedding Photos

This photo might be my favorite. The joy of David's face, the shock on Neil's. The way that David grabs his new husband's arm and leans in toward him as he can't contain his laughter. These are the moments of the wedding day that will stand out when you look back later. These are moments that are important to capture.

Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union

You need some awe inspiring photos in your wedding album. And this photo of Dwayne and Gabrielle hits that mark. The symmetry of the reception layout and the by having the couple placed in the center of the dance floor with the sunset shining behind them takes my breath away. And while you can't see their faces well, by the way that Gabrielle places her hands on Dwayne's head and reached up towards him with her face tells you all you need to know about that moment.

Dwayne Wade And Gabrielle Union  Wedding Photos

And there you have it! Whether it's the glitz and glamour of an A-list affair or the candid charm of intimate nuptials, these celebrity weddings truly showcase the magic of love and the art of wedding photography.

As you plan your own special day, remember that it's all about creating unforgettable memories that reflect who you are as a couple. So why not take some inspiration from these celeb wedding moments and add your own fun and bold twist? At Bourbon and Brides, I'm always here to help you bring your dream wedding to life, one dazzling snapshot at a time.

Interested in hiring me to photograph your celeb wedding photos inspired wedding? Reach out to me now!

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