I was given the amazing opportunity to photograph a bluegrass musician, Dwight Whitley, brother of the legendary late country music star, Keith Whitley. The portraits were taken for Bluegrass Unlimited, a magazine distributed globally. The portraits of Dwight Whitley have been published in the October issue of the magazine. So, now I am able to share some of my favorites!

My Favorite Moment at the Dwight Whitley Portrait shoot: Seeing Keith Whitley's guitar.

I'm not much of a country music fan. However, as a little kid listening to country music with my family, I am familiar with a lot of 80's and 90's country. I know some songs by Keith Whitley. "You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All" and "Don't Close Your Eyes." So, it was pretty cool to see the guitar that Keith Whitley used in his country music career.

Photographer Fun Fact: The black and white portrait with the black background is not studio lighting. I had Whitley stand in front of a black curtain and the light is one window on my left.

While I can get studio lights out and do some creative stuff with artificial light, I was always prefer natural light. Even in a studio setup. Even though the black and white portrait of Dwight Whitley looks like it was doing with a Lightbox, the best kind of Lightbox will always be a window.

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Who doesn't love a wedding where the best man is a dog?! This Buffalo Trace Wedding had just that!

Kaitlyn and Stephanie were married under a large tree at Buffalo Trace Bourbon Distillery. The reception was in the clubhouse on site in Frankfort, Kentucky.

This wedding was one for the history books. It was warm and sunny all day. Then 30 minutes before the outdoor ceremony a dark rain cloud rolled in. But when you have such easy going and fun couples like me, it's nothing to worry about. The couple got married in the light rain and everything was perfect.

My Favorite Moment at this Buffalo Trace Wedding: The couple supplied glow stick foam shakers for the party and it made for the best photos possible!

During dancing photos, I do what is called "dragging the shutter." This technique is where the image is captured for a little under a second. Those fun light streaks you see in my dancing photos? Dragging the shutter is why. This technique gives the photos a party feel that I believe shows off how people felt in that moment; (especially if they are drunk!)

Photographer Fun Fact: A science prism was used to make the fun portraits of Stephanie with a rainbow glare.

I have in my fanny pack a lot of fun random tools that help make unique photos. Yes, I wear a fanny pack during weddings so I can have all these tools close by at all times. One of the tools stored in there is a science prism. This glass tool can be held against my camera lens to reflect the light and transform it in to a rainbow or reflect the sky above us. I use this technique during portraits outside and first dances when the room has chandeliers or string lights hanging from the ceiling.

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The dance party at this Woodhaven Country Club wedding was amazing!

Nick and Mariah's ceremony was at Ascension Catholic Church and their reception was at Woodhaven Country Club in Louisville, Kentucky.

Between the sister who couldn’t stop crying and the bride who couldn’t stop laughing, the photos ended up full of emotion!

And don’t miss the wedding party shot where they sprayed TWO bottles of champagne!

Favorite Moment: I asked the maid of honor to make the bride laugh and without missing a beat, the maid of honor said to the bride, "You're a bitch!" It caused the bride to explode in to a fit of laughter. The sequence of portraits of the bride laughing by the window is the result.

I have been doing this a long time, however sometimes I run out of jokes. So, when that happens, I need to think quickly to get the reaction I want from someone I am photographing. Sometimes asking for people around us to help is the easiest thing I can do.

Photographer Fun Fact: I used a science prism and a copper pipe to get some creative shots during the ceremony.

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Buffalo Trace is beautiful in the summer!

Ken and Elizabeth ceremony was at Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort. Their reception was in the clubhouse on the same property.

The gardens at this venue are the perfect spot to take amazing portraits of the bride and groom and the big tree was a good choice for backdrop for the wedding ceremony.

My favorite moment: The groom needed his neck trimmed up, so the best man pulled out the clippers and made it happen.

It's easy to only photograph the normal stuff when the bride and groom are getting ready early in the day. But I like to photograph everything, even the behind the scenes moments.

Photographer Fun Fact: One of the images of the couple in the garden is actually 90 images stitched together. It's called a pano and works for creating a unique depth and quality to a landscape style portrait.

I like to give couples unique wedding photographs of them together so they have something special when the day is said and done. Sometimes I do things that make no sense to the couple in the moment, but end up being amazing once I have edited the photograph. This couple had to stand in a pose while I snapped 100+ close up images of the scene. The result- something special just for them!

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There were so many dancing photos from this Fasig-Tipton wedding, it was hard to choose which ones to include!

Matt and Amelia were married in the sanctuary at Southland Christian Church and had their reception at Fasig-Tipton in Lexington, Kentucky.

Everybody was in great spirits all day! The bride, a professionally trained dancer, was a dream to photograph. And I don't think I have seen a more wild dance floor. By the end of the night everyone was drunk, sweaty and VERY happy.

My Favorite Moment: The best man was HYPE on the Fasig-Tipton dance floor non-stop!

During dance floor shots, I have want I call "photographer crushes" on certain people. This isn't a romantic crush, but rather a person I am having so much fun photographing because of their dance moves or facial expressions, I just can't stop photographing them. At this wedding, I had a couple "photographers crushes", including the best man.

Photographer Fun Fact: I took roughly 50 frames before I got the perfect shot of the maid of honor being framed behind the stylist doing the bride's hair.

Sometimes I see a shot in my head, but the way I want it to look requires on outside things I can't control, like other people's movements or people's expressions. In that case, I have to just keep shooting and hope everything lines up. Then I can get the shot I want. For the shot of the maid of honor, I had to position myself in the spot I wanted. I kept shooting until I landed on what I wanted!

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